Hemingway App – Is the Hemingway Editor Worth it? [Review]

We all make mistakes, it’s natural. And when it comes to writing, you cannot go without editing your piece. Editing helps you identify and fix mistakes in your content.

Needless to say, editing is an essential part of writing.

It is important to edit your writing with a book writing software because a piece of writing without editing can easily be compared to a building without firm gates or walls. People who are very concerned about what they write and how well it is written understand the importance of editing.

Writing that is riddled with mistakes is difficult to read and is a turn-off for most readers.

This is why editing is important, but it can also serve to make you a better writer as you learn from your most consistent mistakes.

The Hemingway App is an editor that helps you on how to write a book that’s easy-to-read. It is among the top-rated book writing software editing apps for writers that can help you find and fix all errors and improve readability.

Unlike the other writing editors, the Hemingway App does not go deep into the grammatical lessons (like Grammarly), but it assesses the overall readability of your work and makes suggestions to improve it.

This actionable Hemingway App review will cover everything that you need to know to craft content that’s reader-friendly and error-free.

The Hemingway App Editor – What is it?

The Hemingway App was named after the literature prodigy, Ernest Hemingway, and it is available in the form of a desktop app or an online editor. It is widely known among writers and a lot of editors. The design is minimal, clean, and easy to understand.

The Hemingway App will make your writing easy to understand and very concise. If you’re writing for the web, you cannot go without this app. Why?

Because readers on the web prefer scanning and if the content isn’t easy-to-read, they will quit. Hemingway App helps you make your piece easy-to-read.

It does not give explanations or tutorials like the other editing and grammar checking apps, but it tightens up your articles and helps you get straight to the point.

This amazing book writing software helps to point our errors by highlighting each kind of suggestion with a different color. It corrects the language fluency and the structure of your sentences   – it makes your writing more orderly and arranged.

It is one of the many applications which have been devised to help you write better by improving your fluency and sentence structure.

How to Use Hemingway App

Using Hemingway App is dead simple. You can use online interface or download desktop app. Follow these steps to start using the app.

Step #1: Visit Hemingway App

Click here to visit Hemingway App. You’ll see the following screen with text already pasted in the editor.

Step #2: Edit

You can use Hemingway App for writing as well as editing. The default mode is set to Edit.

If you have content already written, paste it to get readability score, word count, reading time, and instant tips to improve readability.

The adverbs, passive voice, complex phrases, hard to read sentences, and very hard to read sentences will be highlighted in different colors.

Move cursor to a highlighted word to get more details on how to improve readability.

Tweak hard to read sentences and complex phrases to make it more readable.

Step #3: Write

You can switch to writing mode to write in the Hemingway app. This will identify issues as you write which will save time.

You can then copy content to your favorite word processor.

Click Write at the top right corner.

The editing sidebar will disappear and the writing menu will highlight. You can start typing text.

Step #4: Copy text to a Word file

Once you’re done with editing/writing, select the text, right click, and select Copy. Or simply press Ctrl + C.

Paste content in your original document.

Hemingway App Editor – Color Coded Meanings

The app uses multiple colors to classify different readability issues.

1. Yellow Highlights

If a statement is highlighted yellow, it is too lengthy and quite challenging to read. It advises you to make it shorter, or divide it into two parts.

I split the sentence and the yellow highlight is disabled.

2. Red Highlights

Any sentence(s) that’s very hard to read will be highlighted red.

A statement which is highlighted red means that the sentence(s) is extremely difficult to interpret/read. The red highlighted text is an upgraded version of yellow highlights. Red refers to severity.

The sentence is divided into three sentences and the red highlight is removed.

Since red highlights are critical, therefore, you need to ensure that your text don’t have any of these.

3. Purple Highlights

Sentences which have been highlighted in purple by the Hemingway App show that a straightforward substitution exists for the complex statement (phrase) which has been written.

You can check alternative by moving cursor over the word which is highlighted purple. The new suggestion pops up.

Replacing the word/phrase will remove the purple highlight.

4. Blue Highlights

When a statement is highlighted in blue, the Hemingway App suggests that the use of adverbs weakens it.

When your cursor hovers over the highlighted words, the new suggestion comes up, and it shows you how to make it sound better.

5. Green Highlights

Words which have been highlighted in green tells you that a passive voice has been used.

You need to convert sentences to active voice because it makes content engaging, reader-friendly, and persuasive.

Hemingway App Editor – Gradings

The Hemingway app helps by grading your writing in several different areas:

  1. The ease of reading
  2. Word count of your writing
  3. Number of adverbs used
  4. Usage of passive voice
  5. Complicated statements that can be broken down and simplified
  6. Sentences which are hard to read
  7. Sentences which are VERY hard to read

Before we begin the actual critique and analysis, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the Hemingway App to assist you in understanding precisely what the editing app has to offer.

Advantages of Using the Hemingway App

It is Simple to Understand and Use

The Hemingway editor is a straightforward editing app. All you have to do is paste and you will have the analysis of your piece ready to go immediately. As soon as you copy and paste, you will be presented with the highlighted version of the content.

Typically, the Hemingway App will give you suggestions on the corrections to make, and it is all up to you to make the desired changes which the Hemingway editor has recommended.

Concerning the ease of utility, the app is simple to use. It does not require any specialized knowledge, and it is newbie friendly.

It Helps Your Writing Sound Better

This is one of the features that make the Hemingway App a golden choice among writers. It is the best app on how to write a book with perfect English. The app helps to make your writing very easy to read. It takes the readers into consideration.

Some people do not possess the skill of writing with finesse, and the Hemingway App editor helps them find where their progress is lacking.

When you know what to look out for and the mistakes you tend to make, you can fix them as you progress. This will produce a much more polished piece of writing. If you’re writing a book for the first time, you should consider using this app.

It Works for Everyone

The Hemingway App serves well for anyone who writes anything. It works for all types of writers.

As long as you know how to copy and paste, then you are capable of using this app. Because the app gives you suggestions on what you’ve written, you will need to be capable of studying and understanding the meaning of the tips which have been given.

As long as you can understand the suggestions it makes, it is simple to follow.

It is Cost Effective

The Hemingway App offers a desktop app for a one-time purchase of $19.99. This allows you to download the app and use it whenever and wherever – even offline.

However, if you feel like you do not want to pay then you can make use of the Hemingway app editor online which is readily available on the website. All you need to do is go to Hemingwayapp.com, paste your write up in the blank space, and you get your results immediately, for free.

Your Skills Increase

The Hemingway App is excellent to check your sentence construction, but it can also be used to make your skills better. As you use it, you begin to learn from the suggestions it gives over time, and you can learn how to write faster.

When you paste into the space for editing, you automatically register the corrections and suggestions. If you study these and actively try to keep the suggestions in mind, the initial errors in your writing will lesson over time.

There is No Word Limit

The majority of the book writing software which are as cheap as the Hemingway App usually have word limits. It, therefore, gets tough to edit an entire book. Imagine you’re writing a book and it has over 50K words, you’ll end up paying a lot for a single book to the book editing and writing software.

The Hemingway App doesn’t have one which makes it a great choice. It can take about twenty thousand words and produce the edited version without wasting a single second.

Disadvantages of Using the Hemingway App

  1. It doesn’t have a spell-checking feature which is discouraging
  2. There is no option to undo the corrections you have made, and it is quite tasking to go back to the point where you have corrected before retyping again
  3. The Hemingway App is best for blog posts, school essays and other simple projects but it may not be as beneficial to writers of fiction.
  4. While working with the free version of the Hemingway App editor, there is no method or place to save your project, and this is an enormous downside. If you are working online and lose your connection or remove the text from the editor, you lose the progress and there is no possible way to get it back. However, if you wish to save your projects, then you must purchase the PC version.

The Hemingway App Review

Is the Hemingway app worth it? Will it help you become a better writer? Use the following ratings and experiences to decide for yourself.

Easy to Utilize – Five Out of Five Stars

The Hemingway App is one of the simplest editors to employ. All you need to do is copy and paste. This is the best part about the Hemingway App – the ease of use permits you to use it speedily and frequently.

If you desire to edit a message urgently before sending it, you can do that within a matter of minutes. You can improve writing strategies easily with this app.

Range of Capabilities – Four Out of Five Stars

The functionality of the Hemingway App is just as good as you would think. It does exactly what it says it would do – as an editor, of course.

That being said, it lacks a few things. It edits your writing and shows you the suggestions to make it better, and it grades your degree of writing with the methods mentioned above.

What it doesn’t do is edit your grammar or spelling. It also does not allow you to save your work unless you purchase the upgrade.

Authenticity – Three Out Of Five Stars

The negative aspect of using the Hemingway App is that it does not consider the tone and purpose of the writing as it makes its suggestions.

The app fundamentally acts as a corrector for the most regular writing errors, but if you are deliberately writing in a tone or style that is not typical, this editor may not be the best choice for an accurate readability analysis.

This is the main reason why it doesn’t tend to work for fictional pieces of writing.

General – Four Out of Five Stars

Generally, the Hemingway App is an excellent way to give your writing an edge quickly and efficiently, but you should remember that this editor does not do justice to all writing and it should not be used as a final editor.

It works best for those who don’t know how to write a book from scratch without making all those silly writing mistakes. You can start typing in the app and get started.

You are free to utilize it if you wish to know the aspects of your writing that need improvement. It works well, but if you use this to edit a whole book then you will likely also need to hire the services of a real professional to get the best quality results.

Why the Hemingway App Does Not Support Adverbs

Generally, adverbs are regarded as unhealthy additions to writing because they weaken the structure of the statement. Usually, they can be swapped for a firm, dominant, and more effective word that means the same but has a stronger voice.

Stephen King, a very famous writer, is also against the use of Adverbs and he probably also agrees with the paragraph above. He said, “The path to hell is paved with Adverbs.”

If you want your statement to be active, then you must utilize powerful verbs rather than adverbs to express yourself.

For Example:

The boy walked briskly to the class before the bell rang

The boy sped to the class before the bell rang

The two examples given above mean the same thing, however, the second example is more powerful because a single, powerful verb is used rather than a weaker verb being enhanced by an additional word.

The Hemingway app editor is devised to assist you in picking out the tiny errors and write in a way that is easier to understand. You do not have to overthink because this editor will pick them out for you.

Is the Hemingway App Worth it?

Despite the disadvantages that come with it, the Hemingway App is a worthy endeavor for most writers. It may not help you create your next best-selling novel, but it tells you how readable your work is. This is a valuable analysis for many. The best part is that the app is free to use so there is no risk involved.



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