Best Documentation Management Software

A good documentation management software can help companies eliminate redundant and obsolete file systems. On top of that, it can help provide additional security for important paperwork. 

When you have a centralized document management system, it also gives your employees more flexibility to collaborate and access relevant files from anywhere. 

In a way, it’s essential for companies that are looking to scale reliably as it allows them to automate and streamline their workflows. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best document management software in the market today. 

Let’s dive right in. 

5 Best Documentation Management Software in 2022 

There are many document management systems in the market today and it can be hard to choose the best one for your company. 

Therefore, here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing an electronic documentation management system for your organization. 

  • File Structure – Your documentation management solution needs to have an easy-to-use file structure that is amenable to your needs. 
  • Search Functions – It needs to have a wide variety of search functions for quick searching. That can include searching by content type, name, modification date, and more. Enterprise content management systems also provide AI-assisted search functions. 
  • Mobile Access – To truly make your documentation accessible from anywhere, you need to have mobile accessibility. That includes the ability to view, modify, and share documents. It should be available for all sorts of mobile devices and tablets. 
  • Version Control – It’s crucial to maintain different versions of files depending on the changes it goes through. Your DMS should allow you to view the version and modification history. 
  • Security – The document control software should be secure and allow in-app permissions to maintain access control on files and folders. 
  • Integration Capabilities – Since every company utilizes a myriad of software to run their processes, the DMS should be universally integrable with other software, such as your email and CRM software. 
  • Scanning Options – Since a lot of companies may be converting their physical documents into electronic documents, it’s crucial to have excellent scanning options. 

The aspects above should allow you to choose a good document management solution for your organization, regardless of its size. 

Moving on, the following are some of the best cloud document management solutions you can choose from. 


eFileCabinet is a holistic document management software that works for small business owners, individuals, and even enterprise clients. 

It’s a great tool for centralizing and organizing all kinds of documents and files in one place. It’s one of the few solutions that let you import every kind of document, and lets you change the file format to keep them unified. 

On top of that, the tool is great for automated workflows, allowing companies to streamline everyday tasks. The combined use increases employee productivity and business processes. 

Furthermore, users can sign online contracts using their eSignatures. That makes it easy to share sensitive documents and encrypted files with relevant stakeholders. In that sense, it’s also a document control software. 

The tool also uses Zonal OCR to assist automated form filling. This saves time by avoiding repeat form entries. 

As for the search function, it allows you to distribute documents among folder templates using pre-defined names. Users can also develop a custom portfolio to get quick access to the documents that require regular use. 

The software has a website portal and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Users can use mobile devices to upload files too, along with the ability to sign contracts. 

Furthermore, users get several collaboration features and security options. You can set up different security and access levels. 

Other important security options include two-factor authentication, encrypted file sharing and requests, and role-based permissions. For enterprise document management needs, you can set up location-based or IP authentication too. 

Lastly, you can integrate eFileCabinet with services like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and DocuSign. 

Key Features 

The following are some key document management features of eFileCabinet. 

  • Easy document version tracking. 
  • Allows you to password-protect each document. 
  • Complete mobile app access on iOS and Android apps. 
  • Instant file retrieval is possible. 
  • Users can schedule a free demo. 

On top of that, eFileCabinet has excellent customer reviews. 


Here’s a breakdown of eFileCabinet’s pricing. 

  • Starter plan with 25GB of storage – $15 per user per month 
  • Advantage plan with 1TB storage – $55 per user per month 
  • Business plan with 5TB storage – $99 per user per month 
  • Unlimited storage plan for enterprise clients – $199 per user per month 

You can learn more about eFileCabinet here


Templafy is a digital document management solution that allows businesses to centralize their document storage and streamline tasks. 

The built-in detection system recognizes each employee’s need based on their position and usage to provide them with relevant content searches. 

Users can organize documents, track electronic documents, and even digitize printed documents from a simple dashboard. 

Furthermore, the software allows companies to connect their documents to the DMS data. That allows for faster workflow management while creating new business documents. 

Although the software targets large businesses, SMEs can also take advantage of their document management applications. 

For example, users can use optical character recognition devices to scan relevant paper documents. There’s digital asset management for digital documents and forms. On top of that, there’s heavy storage location security with multiple access levels. 

Furthermore, companies can set up and manage documents for audit trails. Users can also utilize various collaboration tools for document review, business users, and file sharing. 

Along with the automation of many business processes, the software also has excellent record management. That allows companies to go back and double-check any relevant action. Records management also helps maintain version control, leading to an efficient document storage center. 

Templafy also gives users the option to edit documents within the software. That eliminates the need to use another platform or software for creating and editing content. 

However, if you still use another platform, Templafy has complete integration support. You can connect your G-Suite, Microsoft Office, and CRM software with it. 

Key Features 

The following are some key document management features of Templafy. 

  • Allows for the creation and editing of document content within the platform. 
  • Autofix content inconsistencies. 
  • Complete integration support. 
  • Easy access to relevant company documents. 
  • Cloud-based storage allows users to access documents from anywhere. 

Most importantly, you can combine, connect, and organize data from the DMS.  


Templafy doesn’t provide any pricing information on its website. According to their website, they need to know your specific needs to give an estimate quote. 

You can request custom pricing by entering your business email, company size, and some notes. 

To learn more about Templafy, you can go here


DocuWare is a workflow automation and effective document management system. It helps with document storage, security, and management. 

Users can share, edit, and archive existing contracts while creating new ones from scratch. 

DocuWare’s strong emphasis on data encryption makes secure document access much easier. On top of that, different access levels provide various editing and sharing capabilities. That includes the ability to share internally and externally, add comments, include notes, and sign documents. 

Furthermore, adhering to the digital transformation of a company, the software also automates other workflow processes. That includes invoice processing, employee management, and several sales and marketing tasks. 

Meanwhile, its security measures ensure that all sensitive personal information remains secure, along with important documents. 

The software also provides tools for transforming paper-based documents into a digital format. There are several proprietary file types you can convert your business files into. 

After that, accessing documents in that proprietary format is the same as with any other document. Scanned documents can also have access controls for multiple users. 

The best thing about DocuWare is that it’s remote-friendly. The software design aims to connect remote employees with their organizations, offering easy file management and a way to securely store documents. 

Key Features 

The following are some key document management features of DocuWare. 

  • Users can access documents of all kinds from any device. 
  • The digital filing system doubles as an automated invoice processing tool. 
  • Cloud storage is available for business files, project documents, and even image management. 
  • Allows you to organize employee records. 
  • Advanced search functionality makes it easier to find documents. 

On top of that, DocuWare’s customer reviews are mostly positive. 


The pricing is not available on DocuWare’s website. However, you can start with a free trial to get the feel of the software. 

After that, you can contact their customer support team and provide details on your needs. They’ll also assess your free trial period. 

Then, they’ll come back to you with a custom pricing plan. 

You can learn more about DocuWare here


LogicalDOC is a universal document management system for small organizations and enterprises alike. It has an easy-to-use platform and is scalable along with the organization. 

Furthermore, the platform lets users create documents and coordinate them with their teams. Storing documents is simple and users can quickly access files through the dashboard. 

Quick document recovery helps improve productivity. Meanwhile, the software allows you to automate business workflow and tasks. 

On top of that, the software has strong contingencies to minimize security risks. It also offers various permission options, access levels, and different kinds of user profiles. 

The application also has good integration support with Microsoft Office and Outlook. 

There are different data collection methods such as e-forms. It allows for secure information transfer too. Furthermore, users can also scan paper documents using OCR. Then, they can classify each document with custom fields to assist advanced search options. 

The downside of LogicalDOC is that it’s completely web-based. While companies can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the mobile support is not as good. That makes it harder to use the software on mobile devices. 

Key Features 

The following are some key document management features of LogicalDOC. 

  • Users can annotate all documents and content. 
  • It’s easy to manage document versions. 
  • The software allows digital watermarking. 
  • Collaboration features and workflow automation improve productivity. 
  • The software supports Linux use. 

LogicalDOC also allows the creation of documents on the cloud and offline. 


LogicalDOC doesn’t provide any pricing information online. However, companies can apply for a free trial. 

Filling out the free trial form gets you a 30-day trial version copy of the software. 

Alternatively, if you want to get a quote, you schedule a call with their team. Then, you explain your company’s needs and what you need the DMS for. After that, LogicalDOC will get back to you with a custom plan. 

To learn more about LogicalDOC, you can go here


DocLink is a dedicated document management tool that lets you track and manage business documents. 

It’s one of the most secure document management solutions according to customer reviews. Furthermore, the intuitive platform allows for easy management of documents. 

The software allows you to quickly assign permissions and roles to every user. You can set each user up with different access levels and permissions from the get-go to ensure a hierarchy of information. 

On top of that, it has a robust document changes tracker. You can extract a separate document version for every change you make. 

The software also allows for seamless integration with most ERP software solutions. 

However, the downside of DocLink is that it’s only viable for large businesses and enterprise clients. 

Key Features 

The following are some key document management features of DocLink. 

  • Automation of document distribution ensures quick file sharing. 
  • Dashboard access to important documents makes processes more efficient. 
  • Integration support for top ERP solutions. 
  • Several personalization options are available, such as smart forms. 
  • Provides the ability to control all information within the document lifecycle. 

The software is usable on mobile devices too, allowing users to access, upload, and share documents. 


The website doesn’t provide any price plans for DocLink. However, you can request a quote from Altec – the company that owns DocLink. 

When you reach out, their sales team will get back to you and ask you your requirements. After that, they’ll provide a custom pricing plan for your organization. 

You can learn more about DocLink here

Wrapping It Up 

A good documentation management solution is essential for any company that is looking to scale. It helps improve efficiency, employee productivity, and centralizes your data. 

Make sure that you go through each aspect of a DMS before choosing one. Check if they would be right for your organization. 

Most importantly, check if they can integrate with your CRM, accounting software, email client, and digital signature partner. 

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.